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Jewelry 101

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There are currently 11 names in this directory beginning with the letter B.
A baguette diamond is a step cut diamond with a rectangular shape and usually straight or tapered ends. Baguette diamonds are often used as side stones in engagement rings to create a vintage look.
Bangle bracelet
A material that is hard, but does not have a place to hold items together.
Bar setting
A setting that secures a diamond with two vertical metal bars on either side of the stone.
Beveled edge
Beveled rings are flat on top with a slanted edge going in one direction.
Bezel setting
This setting is the most secure. It's shaped like a circle of metal that goes all the way around the stone instead of prongs attaching to it on only one side.
A blemish is an imperfection on the outside of a diamond.
Blue sapphire
A precious gemstone with a Mohs hardness of 9. While sapphire can come in many colors, blue sapphire is the most well known color.
Blue topaz
This gem has an 8 on the Mohs scale. Naturally occurring blue topaz is rare, so typically it's treated to get its blue hue.
Bridal set
An engagement ring and matching wedding band go together, so they're often called "a bridal set."
Diamonds are best remembered for their ability to reflect white light.
Brilliant cut
A diamond that is cut with the maximum 58 facets to produce maximum brilliance