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Jewelry 101

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There are currently 21 names in this directory beginning with the letter C.
Carat (ct)
A carat is the measurement of how heavy a diamond is. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams. The size of a diamond also has a major impact on weight, apart from its size.
Cathedral setting
Cathedrals are often seen with a band around the building that gradually rises upward to secure the diamond. This band also adds durability support and allows more light in, creating more sparkle.
This type of inclusion is a hole in the diamond’s surface. Depending on your needs, they could affect the overall durability of diamonds
Here are the details on your diamond, which this certificate/report lists in 4 Cs. GIA stands for Gemological Institute of America.
Channel set
Channel set diamonds are set in slots and are held in place using the pressure of the sides of the band.
Diamonds are cut with a series of shallow indentations that create what's called original inclusion. Sometimes, this type of inclusion is created while cutting the stone.
This semi-precious gemstone can be bright yellow to red-orange in colour, with a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale.
Clarity is one the 4 Cs that characterize a diamond. It refers to the lack or rarity of imperfections within a diamond.
Claw prong
The claw prong holds the stone in place with tiny bits of metal that taper off.
The parts of a diamond that are easy to split due to weak atomic bonds. Gemstone cutters will typically cut the stone according to those very lines as they're easier to distinguish and aim for.
This type of inclusion is very tiny and cannot be distinguished under magnification, they're like a cloudy inclusion inside the diamond that can't be seen with the naked eye. 
This silver-colored metal is very durable and allergy-safe. It's perfect for those looking for a stylish, everlasting wedding band.
Cocktail ring
You can wear this ring to formal events with the large centerstone catching to eye.
One of the 4 Cs. Color actually refers to how much color a diamond reflects. The grading scale ranges from "D" (completely colorless) to "Z" (yellow or brown).
Comfort fit
A comfort fit ring comes with rounded edges to help prevent cuts, bruises & other irritations.
The crown of a diamond is the piece that encompasses the entire top half of the stone. It includes everything from the point to below the largest part of a gem's table.
This inclusion consists of crystals that are trapped inside the diamond during its formation.
Cubic Zirconia
Ritani does not sell diamond simulant cubic zirconia.
A culet is the smallest part of the diamond which is found at the bottom of its pavilion. It can be either a point or a fancy shape.
Cushion cut
The cushion diamond has a square or rectangular shape with curved edges.
A diamond’s cut grade is one of the 4 Cs. The higher the cut grade, the more sparkle it will produce