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Jewelry 101

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Emerald cut
Emerald cut diamonds are rectangular shaped, emphasize clarity rather than sparkle and date back to the 1920s.
Engagement ring
When a man presents a woman with an engagement ring, he is making a promise to her. They consider it a sign of their commitment and wear the ring on their left hand on their ring finger.
Engraving is a popular method of personalizing rings. Designs can be engraved on the exterior or interior band, or you can even have words written on the inside of the band.
Enhanced gems
An enhanced gemstone is a better looking gem due to treatments. This can be for color, clarity or durability.
Eternity band
A traditional eternity ring features a continuous diamond band that runs all the way around. Eternity rings are popular as wedding rings and anniversary presents, and can be used to celebrate any length of time.
Eye clean
A diamond is an eye clean stone if it has no imperfections visible to the naked eye.