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Jewelry 101

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Fancy color diamonds
Fancy color diamonds are those that do not fall into the normal color range, such as pink, blue and yellow. This makes them more expensive than other diamonds and very rare.
Fancy cut
Also called diamond cuts other than round brilliant - for example, oval cut, pear cut, and emerald cut diamonds.
What are feather diamonds? Feathers are an inclusion in a diamond, which is usually caused by fissures in the diamond when it was forming billions of years ago. They only adversely affect the durability if they're found close to the girdle or near visible facet edges.
Diamonds are known for their fire, which is an electric quality created by reflection, hard light and refraction. Cut determines how much fire the diamond will have. The higher the cut grade of the diamond, the more electric it will be.
Fluorescence is a soft light a diamond might give off when placed under ultraviolet light. Not all diamonds have fluorescence. Although it can't be seen under regular lighting conditions, this property is considered a defect and reduces the cost of the stone.
French set
A french set diamond is a diamond that has small beads on the outside, which let light enter it more easily.