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Jewelry 101

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Half moon diamond
A Half Moon Diamond looks like a round or oval diamond cut in half. It features a brilliant facet pattern which produces sparkle and is often used as the main stone in an engagement ring
Halo setting
Halo settings encircle the center diamond with small diamonds, making it look bigger and improving the overall sparkle of the ring.
Hammered finish
A hammered finish is a popular style of men's wedding bands. This style features small indentations on the band, as if the ring were hammered by hand.
It’s easy to understand why gemstones are popular for their hardness. It allows us to easily identify the relatively soft or hard materials. That is because there are 10 different levels of relative hardness, with 1 being the weakest and 10 being the hardest.
Heart cut
A heart cut diamond is a modified brilliant cut with a heart shaped, and can be a beautiful choice for an engagement ring or something as small as a diamond pendant.
Hidden halo setting
A halo setting is one of the most popular diamond ring designs. This setting features a small circle of diamonds placed around the head of the center stone, which will give more dazzle and sophistication to it.
High polish finish
A high polish finish on a ring is an ultra glowy and reflective finish.
Hypoallergenic metals are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction or irritation, says new research.