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Jewelry 101

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Ritani's lab-grown diamond's come with an IGI certification. 
Inclusions are flaws or imperfections in a diamond and can decrease the clarity grade. However, they also make each diamond unique and it's worth considering for those who prioritize uniqueness over clarity.
Indented natural
A natural is a diamond imperfection and an indented natural is simply a natural that caused the diamond to have a blemish in it. If an indented natural blemishes the part of the diamond where it meets the crown or pavilion, we call this an "indented" or "unpolished" natural. Indented Naturals don't affect.
Invisible setting
An invisible setting subtly blends diamonds together to mimic a larger diamond. It's very fitting for dramatic rings. Invisible settings are usually square cut diamonds, which are common in princess cut stones because round diamonds cannot be invisibly set.