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Jewelry 101

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A mandrel is a professional tool that helps jewelers to determine the size of a ring.
Marquise cut
A marquise shaped diamond is an elongated oval with smooth curves and pointed edges. The marquise cut diamond has one of the best size-to-carat ratios, meaning that your diamond will appear larger than if it had been in any other shape.
Martini setting
The martini setting is a very common 3-prong setting style that was first designed to hold the cushion or pear shape. It looks like a martini glass, hence its name. This is an excellent choice for weddings and other evening events where people wear diamonds on their ears.
Matched set
A matched set means two diamonds that share the same size, shape and features. It could also refer to an engagement ring and a wedding band - they were designed to match.
Matte finish
A ring with a matte finish has no shine. They are popular for men’s wedding rings because men don’t prefer shiny rings.
Melee diamonds
Melee diamonds are the small diamonds that weigh less than 5 carats. They can be used on an engagement ring's band or as a halo around the centerstone.
Micropave diamonds are set down in a groove and secured by small prongs. This technique typically only has one row of the precious gemstones, but the micropave can have many. These are arranged in a checkered pattern, with a new row around the edge slightly overlapping the row before it 
Milgrain detailing is a design technique primarily used in jewelry and looks like a close-set row of tiny metal beads. It's most commonly used on jewelry borders but can also be found in vintage-inspired designs.
Mixed cut
A mixed cut diamond is an amalgamation of the modified brilliant cut and the step-cut. This type of diamond includes princess cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, and radiant cut diamonds
Modified brilliant
Modified brilliant cut diamonds are modified versions of the classic brilliant diamond. The most popular versions of these diamonds include oval, pear, marquise and heart shaped stones.
Mohs Scale
The hardness of a gemstone can be measured with a scale from 1-9, with 10 being the hardest.
Moissanite is a naturally occurring gem that looks like diamond and has a hardness of 9.25. It was discovered by Henri Moissan in 1893 and has been commercially grown (in labs) since the 1980s due to the rarity of natural moissanite occurrence.