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Jewelry 101

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There are currently 12 names in this directory beginning with the letter R.
Radiant cut
Radiant diamonds are square or rectangular, have intense brilliance and cropped corners.
When light enters a gemstone, it can be refracted towards the stone’s surface. This lighting angle is what contributes to how sparkly the gemstone appears.
Refractive index
The diamond’s index of refraction is what you measure to know how much light it will refract. Diamonds have a high index of refraction, which is 2.42 on average.
Rhodium is traditionally used to plate white gold and silver jewelry, which makes them more lustrous, protecting them from everyday wear and tear.
Ring enhancer
A Ring Wrap is a ring-enlarging look that adds extra diamonds to your solitaire engagement ring. They can be worn on their own for a more dramatic look, or stacked with your wedding set for formal occasions.
Ring sizer
A ring sizer is used to determine the size of a person's finger for certain rings.
Rose cut
This antique shape has a flat base and a domed crown. Rose cut diamonds usually have from three to 24 facets.
Rose gold
Rose gold is a precious metal with a warm, rosey color. It gets its rosey hue from copper alloys that make it such an aesthetically pleasing color.
Rose quartz
This pink semi-precious gemstone has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale and is commonly used in all types of jewelry.
Rough diamond
A rough diamond is the term given to diamonds that have not been cut or polished. It's like they're in their original state.
Round cut
The round diamond cut has been the most popular cut for a long time and it's easy to see why. They create the most shine and glimmer.
Ruby is a gemstone that has a red color, which is the reason for it being known as ruby. In addition to being brilliantly colored, rubies are also quite durable due to their hardness rating of 9 on the Mohs scale. They're one of the more expensive gemstones you can buy because of its rarity and high quality.