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Jewelry 101

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A table is the flat top surface of a diamond. It’s the largest facet without any shape or size, regardless of what it measures or looks like.
Tension setting
It secures your jewellery by using tension instead of prongs or a bezel.
Three stone setting
Engagement rings often have two side stones & one center stone. Three stones can be an engagement ring setting with a center stone flanked by two side stones. The three symbols represent your past, present, and future together.
Titanium is a metal used for wedding bands. It is durable and very difficult to resize, which can be a downside for many people who want to adjust their ring size.
It refers to the ability of a gemstone to resist breaking. Many gemstones can be classified as hard or soft based on this factor.
Trapezoid cut diamond
Trapezoid cut diamonds are often used for engagement rings which have one side with the vertical angles & another with the horizontal angles. The two most common styles are step cut or brilliant cut.
Trillion cut
Trillion diamonds are cut in the form of triangles. Their sides are either pointed or slightly curved
Tungsten is one of the strongest metals available - it's 4x stronger than titanium and 10x stronger than gold. It is an affordable metal and often used for wedding bands
Twinning wisp
A twinning wisp, sometimes called an inclusion, is a defect which occurs within the structure of a diamond's crystal. It appears as a white striped pattern on the surface of the gemstone.