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Forever Jewelry
Forever Love


Brillante Jewelry for Your Forever Story

Brillante Jeweler celebrates the stories of love, relationships and their connection to jewelry.  This bond lasts a lifetime and beyond. Offering quality collections from a diverse group of creative designers to enhance your story today, and create memories for tomorrow. 

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Lorraine Denise


As a jeweler I am passionate about relationships and mindful of the strong bond between the two. 

I learned this as a child. My dad was always wanting to lavish jewelry on my mom, and often our family jeweler would come to our home so she could be involved in customizing the designs. For her, it was always yellow gold.

My favorite portrait of my mother was taken right after my first daughter was born. She’s embracing her granddaughter and wearing her favorite design, a ring with four-diamonds, each perched atop a swirl of gold. Now that she’s passed, just twirling this ring on my finger, feeling its presence on my hand connects me to her. 

A piece of jewelry is a work of art. As a gift it also conveys your emotions. These warm feelings give it the truest and most precious value. The jewelry enhances the story you’ve woven together in a relationship. It is your legacy. 

No matter which fine jewelry you choose to give or wear, its worth becomes priceless when your love is attached. If you desire a symbol of love for someone special or your wonderful self, it is my honor to offer a variety of quality designer collections and a personalized experience. Brillante is forever jewelry for our forever love.


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